Up-Cycled Vintage Furniture for the Modern Home

Up-cycled Vintage Furniture for the Modern Home

Up-cycling vintage furniture is lots of fun and creates unique pieces of furniture. Vintage furniture is readily available at auctions, bootfairs and through online sites such as EBay & Gumtree. Up-cycling vintage furniture is great for the environment and the ultimate kind of recycling, where you don’t destroy the item to recycle it, but rather up-cycle it.
I have been up-cycling vintage furniture since my teens and now sell these unique pieces of up-cycled furniture through my Facebook shop, to customers in the North Tyneside area.
I follow interior design trends, so that when I up-cycle vintage furniture, I am creating pieces for the modern home. One of the new trends for 2018 is those lovely soft natural colours. So, I have two pieces of vintage furniture, both bought at auction, which I plan to up-cycle, following this interior design trend. A vintage Lloyd Loom Chair, which has been yellow for many years, will become a soft grey, with a matching grey cushion. A vintage spinning chair, which is currently dark wood, will become a soft pink with copper-coloured highlights. Both items will then look fab in a modern home, and will be available for sale through my Facebook shop in a few weeks time.
Up-cycling vintage furniture for the modern home is both my passion, my hobby and my business!


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